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Mental Health Support and Therapeutic Teacher

Tash Young Counsellor Psychodynamic Therapy Brighton


It is in playing that the individual child or adult is able to be creative and to use the whole personality, and it is only in being creative that the individual discovers the self.          -Winnicott

Children and young people can find life tough sometimes too. My approach involves meeting them exactly where and as they are, exploring their landscape and seeing things from their point of view. Through a gentle, light-hearted approach, we begin to look together at things they might like to change and how they can make that happen. 


I have had experience of teaching and supporting 5-16 year olds for over two decades and can work with your child/ young person in two ways. I can support them to develop and achieve their mental health goals. Or I can focus on supporting your child/ young person to re-engage with education in a way that is meaningful to them.




Whatever the aim of our work together, this frequently involves:

-becoming highly attuned to their experiences in the World

-acting as an emotional translator to help them make sense of complex emotions

-increasing their self confidence and sense of self 

-building their sense of agency

-developing their passions and finding a way to laugh and be playful.

-Helping make a plan for their future

I have substantial experience of working with young people with the gift of difference, whether that be neurodiversity, PDA, mental health challenges, learning difficulties or physical difference. I am trained in SEND and child development, having worked in multi-agency environments for many years.


I have experience of supporting children with social care involvement and a history of trauma.

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